Sunglasses: Plastic Versus Glass Lenses


When choosing a pair of sunglasses, there are many different things to consider. Depending on what you are valuing for yourself or what type of sunglasses you are hoping to sell (in the case of buying from wholesalers), each could have their own advantages. Generally speaking, glass lenses can be easier to clean and provide clear vision. But plastic lenses can be durable, lightweight, and can also come with coating that can ameliorate many of the problems you might initially associate with the material. One thing to certainly keep in mind is that the relative price of each material is not a direct indicator of the quality of lenses.

It is also important to remember that lenses are not the only part of a pair of shades. Also to be considered are the frames, the general shape, the UV protection offered, and the tint on the lenses themselves. In just as many cases, plastic or glass may be the preferable option if that material suits the glasses as a whole.

Buying in Bulk: A Smart Business Move

Before we get on to the relative benefits of plastic and glass lenses, it is worth considering what the most important considerations might be if you have an outlet that is selling or reselling sunglasses. Inexpensive plastic-lens glasses can be purchased in bulk from eyewear companies. The reason why this is such a good business move comes down to the variety of styles you can offer when buying in bulk.

Olympic Eyewear out of SLC, UT, specialists in wholesale sunglasses, advise that, by buying a wide variety of different plastic lens sunglasses, there is not only the option of a massive profit margin on each pair, but also the variety of styles ensures that there will always be a pair available to suit every customer. If you are only stocking a select few designer shades, then the plastic vs. glass problem becomes much more important because there is the chance that a customer might be dissatisfied with a pair of shades precisely because the lens material does not suit them. In such cases, there will be few alternatives for them to try instead.

By buying a range of different styles via bulk orders, it is highly likely that every customer will find a suitable pair – or an alternative will be available if they are dissatisfied with any pair.

Plastic Vs. Glass

Nevertheless, while inexpensive plastic-lensed sunglasses are the clear option for those hoping to shift a lot of units, if you are buying only a small set or even if you are buying simply for yourself, you might want to seriously consider the relative benefits of plastic and glass.

There are several differences between the two, but the most notable will be how heavy the glasses will feel on your face. Naturally, glass will be heavier and, even though shatterproof technology is advancing, they are still more prone to shatter upon impact. Nonetheless, glass offers great resistance to scratching and therefore consistent clear vision.

The great benefit of plastic lenses is that they are a lightweight and durable. Wearers of plastic lenses are less likely to adjust their glasses simply because they do not slip down the nose as much. Plastic sunglasses can also look great, and their relative inexpensiveness makes them the ideal option for buying in bulk. Moreover, while they might be more prone to smudging and scratching, they can be easily cleaned, and many come with protective layers for precisely this purpose.

Ultimately, deciding on whether to purchase plastic or glass lenses depends on either your personal tastes and needs, or the business strategy you wish to follow.