Do You Know These Five Facts About Fresh Water Pearls?

Fresh Water Pearls

Pearls are known for preciousness, elegance, and rarity. However, here are five facts you need to know about pearls.

Five Facts About Fresh Water Pearls

  1. China produces 95% of the pearls

Since the 1950s, more than 95% of the total freshwater pearls sold in the world market are produced by China alone. With hard work of 30 years, the Chinese govt. has developed a complete cultivation industry, from cultivation to manufacturing of pearl jewellery.

  1. Zhuji – the pearl city of China

Do you know, 90% of the freshwater pearls produced in China are from Zhuji. They are produced in the Tahitian river and are mostly round in shape. The size of these pearls ranges from 19 mm to 20 mm. Click here for more details about pearls.

  1. Finest freshwater pearls are usually costly

Though the value of a pearl depends on various factors it also depends on the water they are produced in. Unlike saltwater, freshwater is considered to be the finest and more expensive. Freshwater pearls are commonly found in China, Japan, North America and Europe.

  1. There are 4 traders between you and your pearls

You should know that your pearls undergo a long journey of more than 9 retailers before reaching your hand. From cultivators, local retailers, international retailers, to worldwide jewellery manufacturers and showrooms and finally to you. They take a considerable part of the total profit. However, some might charge you added values.

  1. Beware of fake pearls

Identification of the original pearl is the biggest problem. There are plastic, coloured or fake pearls that are available everywhere in the market. It’s really tough to differentiate between real or fake pearls since fake pearl manufacturers use different techniques to make their pearl look just like the original. Therefore, it is better to buy pearls only from a reputed as well as a certified jeweller or a farm dealer directly.

There are many more facts about pearls that we have heard about and many that are not discovered yet. However, what matters the most is, you are getting your precious pearl without any problem.