How to get an engagement ring

Woman's hand wearing an engagement ring; Shutterstock ID 470485139

When you want to buy engagement ring for your bride, there is no limit to what you can make. Take a little approach to make this perfect piece of jewelry for your intended bride…

First, you think about the design that you want. You might want something special that is evocative to you and your bride. For example, you might want a ring that somehow incorporates your initials into it. You might already have a vision. Just because you are getting a ring custom made does not mean that you have to come up with it all on your own, however. You might have seen a celebrity engagement ring and try to be like that, or you might see something in a magazine that you like.

If you have an idea in your mind then you should get it on paper. If this is from a magazine this is obviously easy and if it is from your mind then put in as much detail as possible. Think about size and shape of all of the stones, as well as how they are set.

Now a day’s many engagement rings have a center diamond and you may decide to choose this first before getting the ring made around it. Now think about the size, shape, clarity and price you need in a diamond.

Talk to a number of jewelers in your search. Now ask them how they would make it and see if they have examples of other jewelry that they have made. Find out exactly cost. Make sure that you get the pricing written down and he can get it done by the time you need it.

Make sure to tell them any time you are not happy with something about the ring; it is very important to get it exactly as you want it since it is such a special ring. Finally, you will get the perfect engagement ring.