Working Tips that can bring Your Fashion Skills to Reality


A career in fashion is one that is sought by many. You need not have a formal education or certification to make it big in the world of fashion. If you are skilled enough in drawing, sewing, designing and have a good knowledge of the trends in the fashion industry with some amount of resolve and determination, you can make a name for yourself. But still, there remains a competition in any field or career you choose today and the trick to survive is to excel in whatever area you choose for yourself.

Fashion industry is always on the lookout for new and innovative talent. By planning well, you can make your mark. Here are some ways, which can help you realize your dream.

Selecting a Strategy

With the presence of various styles in design, you have a variety of choices to choose from. Though people have become a huge success without any formal education in designing, people are still of the opinion that getting a fine arts degree in fashion from a reputed institute is by far the best way to lay a strong base for a fashion career. Getting educated in a reputed institution will help you to learn the craft well and also provide you the credibility needed in your resume. Brand names always speak more than the product especially in the present scenario.

Enrolling in School

Though many colleges offer a course in fashion, only a few have the quality that will help you establish in the fashion world. But getting admission in such prestigious institutions is difficult as they are very choosy. Usually you have to send a portfolio of your drawings and designs. The schools only help you to lead in the proper path. The creative talent should be in you.


Some of the basic requirements you need to have for applying are

  • Sewing experience
  • Drawing skills
  • Ability to sketch
  • Creative skills

Having a zeal for the work is the most important requisite even if the other skills are not so well developed. Creativity and a passion for the job will help you overcome other shortfalls

Benefits of Formal Education

Most fashion courses take about four years to complete. The course involves fine arts, drawing, color composition, pattern making, draping and cutting methods. The advantages you get are

  • Working closely with the fashion industry which can aid you in procuring first hand practical experience
  • Talented students can win prestigious awards and scholarships which can motivate them further to bring the best out of them
  • Media attention is got while taking part in fashion shows arranged by the school which can encourage the students to march ahead with their objectives
  • Chance to get noticed by popular people in fashion industry which can fetch the budding designers lucrative offers after they are done with the course

Finding Other Routes

To be practical, not everyone can afford to get into a fashion institute of repute. Further, if you just want a career in the fashion industry, and not specifically as a designer then school is not needed. There are many examples of famous designers, who have started out as interns with minimal or no formal training at all. You can apply for internship in a fashion house you want to join, by sending a portfolio. But the competition is strong and it’s hard to get in without a formal education.

Finally it is not enough to be just creative, as you need to have a strong business sense to market your designs. Things like ads, licensing and basic economic sense will help you carve your own niche in fashion.