Why Pearl Necklace Must Be Knotted?


You must have heard about pearl knotting while shopping for pearl jewellery. Did you ever realize the importance of having pearls in your necklace in the knotted condition?

Let us know little more information about pearl knotting in this post.

What is really a pearl knotting?

The pearl knotting is a kind of practice where knots are tied between the pearls that are strung in the necklace. When you are next time looking at the pearl strand, then take a little closer look at its cord. You will surely see knots between pearls on it.

Why pearls are knotted?

The main reason to knot pearls will be to prevent them to fall off from the strand in case it breaks. The knots will make sure that all pearls will not get dropped on the floor at once and instead will restrict within only few pearls.

There is another plus point of knotting the pearls is that the adjacent pearls will not touch each other. Any rubbing between the pearls will result in damaging the pearls’ surface. So, in order to prevent their shell getting chipped pearls are often separated by knots.

Though all pearls may not be knotted, sometimes fake pearls will not have a sensitive surface that can be affected due to pressure or rubbing, and hence they do not need knots. Quite often, pearls of low-quality are too not knotted.

Restringing pearls

Remember that pearl necklaces must be restrung regularly. That is because the strand will wear out with time and will become weak.

Usually, after every 4 or 5 years, and also how often you must wear your necklace you must restring your necklace. Also, regularly check the necklace and in case your strand is found to be worn out then don’t wait too long for restringing.

Look for following signs:

  1. Dark cord:

In case the cord looks dark, then it is weak and old, so you must replace it or you may risk breaking the cord.

  1. Loose pearls:

Check if pearls are held tightly between the knots. In case, they are loose and have distance between the pearl with knots beside it, which means the cord has got stretched with time.

It indicates that the cord is thin and you must have the necklace again restrung.