What is Eyeshadow and Why Do Women wear it


One of the most popular kinds of makeup, which is used by women worldwide to enhance their eyes is commonly known as eyeshadow. And indeed, this has a long history going back to Egypt and beyond (and yes, we’ve all seen the images of Queen Cleopatra!).

And while it is often used to highlight or “shadow” the eyes, it can also be used to lighten, brighten, and make the eyes appear somewhat larger than they really are. There are so many different kinds of visual enhancements can be attained through alternative uses of colours, shading, and methods of blending.

  • A lot of well-known eyeshadow arrives in powdered form and are made from talc, but there are also other cream and liquid shadows.
  • Experts say that cream shadows are to be used above the crease of the eye and are not advised for the area below it, because they can develop a kind of crepe-like appearance, which adds unnecessary years to the overall look of a female’s eyes.
  • As for liquid eyeshadow, it creates a “wet” or shimmering presence and both cream and liquid shadows can both work well as a base for a powdered eyeshadow.

The Traditional Technique

For those who wish to find out more about eyeshadow makeup, the traditional way to make use of eyeshadow is to apply different colour shades from one corner of the eye to the other, and blend it from light to dark. Beginning with lighter colours from the inside corner and slowly blending to dark will have the effect of making eyes appear further apart and larger. Remember that lighter colours are utilised to highlight and accent the shape of someone’s eye, while darker colours are used to shade and subtly alter the shape.

A lot of shadows may be used either wet or dry, however, so, when wetting eyeshadow make sure to go over the same area every time, and keep the rest dry. After eyeshadow has become wet, it will not be so easy to apply unless you wet it once again.

Mistakes and Solutions

A typical error when women apply eyeshadow is by making use of a colour that matches your eyes. (Yes, you read that correctly!) Interestingly enough, colours that are on the opposite side of the colour wheel are the perfect shades for highlighting your eyes.

  • Should you have blue eyes, you are maybe thinking that peach is not going to really work for you, but think about the different shades of peach colours such as orange or soft melon.
  • Hazel and green eyes are highlighted by using vibrant, warm colours like chocolate browns and sunset colours.
  • While those with brown eyes can wear practically any shade or colour they wish, because their eyes have a neutral type colour.

Eyeshadow has been keeping the focus on women’s eyes for thousands of years and will indeed do it for much longer!