What is Eyebrows Microblading, Explain its Benefits


Bold, thick and luscious eyebrows don’t have to be the stuff that dreams are made of! In fact, you too can sport full and well-defined eyebrows – that too without having to be at the mercy of pencils, powders, gels or pigments.

Enter the world of permanent makeup courtesy of microblading. Little wonder that the beauty world is obsessing over the semi-permanent eyebrows treatment.
The microblading for eyebrows is similar to regular tattooing. Here, a hand held tool is used to manually implant pigments in the upper layer of the skin. The technician will draw fine, hair-like strokes to fill the gaps in the brows or make them appear thicker.

While microblading seems like the God-sent answer, there are certain things you need to know before signing up for the treatment. Such as:

The procedure takes time -The artist has to carefully draw out the new shape and make corrections before performing the microbladingtreatment with the needles. It takes around 2 hours; so do not expect it to be done in a rush.

Prep yourself for the treatment – It’s better to avoid taking aspirin or blood thinners for a few days prior to the treatment. You should refrain from imbibing alcohol as well.

There will be slight discomfort – The technician will apply a topical anesthetic before starting the microblading procedure. You may still experience slight pain – like scratches – from the tattooing. However, it is not unbearable.

After care is essential – While microblading does not entail downtime, there will be slight redness or swelling for a few days after the procedure. You may experience some itching or tenderness at times. You will be given “post op” care instructions to care for the skin while it peels and recovers from the treatment.
Follow-up is required – Once the treated skin has healed and new skin has formed, a followup session is required after 4 to 6 weeks. The technician will use this opportunity to fill in any spots that were missed and correct the shape or even the color if it appears uneven after the healing.

No additional care needed – Once the eyebrows have healed, you can treat them just as regular skin without any maintenance. However, aestheticians advise that applying sunscreen and avoiding exfoliating on the eyebrows will make them last longer.

The eyebrows are semi-permanent – The microblading effects will last for 3 years at least. The color is bound to start fading away slowly and will require touch ups every 6 months or so.Where you get it done matters – Just like regular tattoos, microblading for eyebrows carries the risk of infection from the needles or even the ink. Moreover, it’s almost impossible to get rid of, in case you don’t like the results. Therefore, its’ always advisable to opt for a safe and reputed salon with qualified aestheticians who are experienced at doing microblading for eyebrows!