Three Types of Engagement Photoshoots

Engagement Photoshoots

Planning a wedding is a large undertaking because there are so many services to consider. For your wedding, you may need to book these services:

  • An event planner
  • A venue for the ceremony and reception
  • Caterers
  • Wedding cake baker
  • Band
  • Wedding photographer

Along with shooting the wedding, you may wish to have a photographer capture you and your intended after your engagement. You can select from these three types of photoshoots:

Photojournalistic Photography

If you would like to have the moment of your engagement recreated, you can hire a photographer to take pictures photojournalism style. Even though you know there will be a photographer, they can help you not be nervous by allowing you to set the scene and then use a telephoto lens to take shots from a short distance away.

Assisted Photography

An assisted photoshoot is more like a traditional studio shoot in that the photographer helps to choose the scenes, suggests poses, and interacts with the couple. If you’re not sure what you want to do for the session, the photographer will be glad to help capture one of the best engagement shoots in Lancashire.

Combination Photography

The session is a combination of assisted and photojournalistic shots. The photographer can help choose some of the scenes and poses, plus stand back and take some candid shots as you interact with your intended as well.

Whether a photographer helps in recreating your engagement, or takes photos of where you got engaged, they will be memories you can cherish for a lifetime together.