The Perfect Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

You cannot have a wedding without engagement, and many men will have in the back of their mind the perfect setting to ask the big question to the woman of their life. But to complete the marriage proposal, you need the perfect engagement ring. If you know his tastes then it can be a simple process, but if you are not so sure, these few tips on choosing engagement rings will be a big help!

The Diamond Ring

For many women, a diamond engagement ring remains the most desirable option. With their incredible depth of luster and color, a good diamond engagement ring is a pleasure to wear.

But how do you know which diamond ring to buy visit us? For starters, diamond has three factors that define its quality: cut clarity and color. Even if you do not need to be an expert at choosing a ring that you like, it never hurts to get an idea. The other factor that influences the price is the weight of the carat – and bigger is not always better in this respect. There are also various cuts to consider and while round stones are still popular, there are also many new cuts to consider.

Look at the jewels in your lady’s jewelry box with a sneaky look (or wink with your mobile phone) before heading to the jewelers. This information will help your jeweler give you some ideas on the perfect ring.

Other Stones

However, if your lady is not a diamond fan or prefers some color in her jewelry, then there are three other gems to consider – beautiful sapphire rings come in a range of dark blue shades while vibrant emerald rings are a green color smoked. Finally, the most brilliant is the ruby, with its pinkish red hue. All these stones are considered precious and in the same category as the diamond.

Another consideration is to look at his native stone. Birthstones are precious or semi-precious stones and if she likes the color of her stone, then it’s a good track. Amethyst is the vibrant purple stone, the peridot is light green and the topaz comes in different colors, just to name a few.

The last option is to watch custom jewelry and if your wife has a particular interest or hobbies do not hesitate to use it for your inspirations. For example, if she is a big fan of Art Deco and the look of the 1920s, then this could be a very good track. She could love Steampunk books and would love an eccentric play on this theme. But do not forget to choose something she can wear for years and years without becoming obsessed. A perfect engagement ring is designed to last a lifetime.