The chael sonnen had caught in drug test recently


Now recently the Chael sonnen had failed in a drug test that had been taken by the Nevada State Athletic Commission in his anticipated match that too against the vitor Belfort scheduled which happen at UFC 175. It had shown the positive results for Chorionic gonandotrophine and human growth hormone. The particular chael sonnen steroids had been questioned were EPO had been used for creating the red blood cells that would turn to improve the person stamina. It would increase the stamina results in greater cardio performance level.

But chael sonnen is not the first person who had caught up with UFC champions to be suspended for these drugs. At present the UFC had been really cracked down on steroid use and for the test fighters in case when they have the inclination that they had been performed outside to the natural abilities. After chael sonnen use of steroids the normal T/E level expected for an MMA fighter would be 4:1 but his level is 16:9:1 that had been indicator which had been used as the performance enhancer.

How does he handle those situations?

He had many interviews after that regarding the performance enhancing drug use and he had claimed in that testosterone had prescribed legally by his physician. He dint not feel there if he had cheated because many of the testosterone booster that he had in taken had been prescribed by his physical trainer. The chael sonnen use of steroids had appealed in his suspensions in sitting that he had the condition called hypogonadism that prevents him from producing the replacement therapy. There are many problems and legal discussion had been taken place one after the other but still no one can able to perfectly find out the answer for this.

You would have a doubt then using steroids creates only problem?

Now not like that when you are with limit then you can able to enjoy the benefits of having steroids as well as you can have lots of fun all around. It is well and good when you get proper prescription from your doctor and make use of it. If you are athlete or sports player then you must be aware about how to make use of them effectively.

It is because before going to start up your match it is better for you to stop the use of drugs and have a pre test before having the main test. It would save you as well when you are using the steroids you have to put a proper plan and diet plan along with that and start. Only then you can able to have the enjoyment of happiness. When you want to buy then you can purchase your steroids through the online. It is the only place where you can able to get your own mg steroids that too with the attractive discount offers. By buying this you can able to get benefited as well you can able to build up your body with the little effort.