Simplest Methods to Pass A Drug Test

Drug Test

You can see numerous employers all across the USA demanding pre-employment drug screenings as well as random drug testing policies that affect employees. That is the main reason why most people are searching online for ways to pass a drug test on short notice.

However, there are numerous methods, but only a few are successful, while others can cause harm to your body.

The most common test methods are urinalysis and hair follicle drug test, since urinalysis is excellent for short detection, while hair follicle can detect up to three months and more.

It reached epidemic levels and that increased amount of driving accidents. However, you should have in mind how long medications could remain in your organism so that you can defend yourself at court proceedings after a crash.

Numerous Factors

Numerous Factors

The primary challenge is to determine the timetable on how long they will remain in your blood, urine,and saliva. It depends from person to person, and numerous factors could affect the process of drug metabolism.

The detection time is the variable that you should remember,and it depends on your metabolic rate. Also, you should have in mind that metabolic rate depends on your health condition, age, lifestyle, level of activity and many more.

The idea is that the higher metabolic rate you have, you will be able to cleanse yourself faster.

  • Body Mass – Body mass, hydration levels,and physical activity can also affect the duration you will need to cleanse yourself from drugs so that you can pass a drug test. The detection time is longer for people with high body fat since most metabolites and drugs tend to accumulate inside. In case you build a tolerance to a drug, the average amount of time can be shorter because it will metabolize quicker than before.
  • The Amount Of Usage – Another important factor that you should consider before taking a drug test is a frequency of usage as well as the number of drugs you consume. In case you’rea one-time user, it will stay in your body for a shortperiod, while long-term abuse can be detected for months based on the type of drug you consumed. Since tests will consider a dozenmedications, you should learn how they affect your system and the concentration that will remain in your body afterward.

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Hair Follicle Drug Test

Hair Follicle Drug Test

One of the most accurate drug tests is hair follicle screening, but it is the most expensive,so employers do not use it very often. At the same time, it is the type of test that will be a least affected by factors we’ve mentioned above.

Therefore, you won’t be able to tamper with the results, and it can detect long-term usage that could be three months long. The main disadvantage of these tests is that they cannot identify short-term usage because the metabolites require ten days until they show in follicles.

And it is an expensive method, so saliva, blood and urine drug tests are more famous for employers.

Timetables Are Irrelevant

Since numerous factors could affect the number of drugs and its visibility for different tests, we cannot create an exact timeline that will help you understand how long it will stay in your system and how long you need to cleanse yourself.

The best thing that we can do is to create a range as well as a detection window that will help you see whether you fit criteria or not. We have researched for accuracy based on relevant sources so that you can treat our content as valid and appropriate.

It is essential first to understand what drug’s half-life is?

What Is a Drug’s Half-Life?

A drug half-life is based on the process of metabolism which means that it explains how long it takes for drug concentration to be reduced by half or fifty percent.

The problem is that each substance featuresdifferent half-life which is determined by the excretion rates and balance of metabolism.

At the same time, individual factors can affect and impact the average durations of half-lives too. Have in mind that drugs with longer half-lives will stay longer in the body so that the detection period will be more extended as a result.

Knowing half-life will help you understand the timeline as well as withdrawal symptoms that you will face after quitting a specific drug. As soon as the drug depletes your system, you will feel unwanted side effects or withdrawal symptoms.

Drugs with shorter half-life such as heroin will produce withdrawal symptom faster than those with a longer half-life.

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Half-Life Charter of Common Drugs

  • Cocaine – You will have to wait for one hour
  • Weed – Between four and six days
  • MDMA – Eight hours
  • Heroin – Shortest half-life that usually lasts between two and six minutes
  • Meth – You will need eleven hours to reduce the amount of meth for 50%
  • Adderall – It depends on your urine pH level but has in mind that it can range between seven hours and two days.
  • Concerta, Ritalin – It depends whether adults or children consume it, but in both cases, it ranges between two and five hours.
  • Morphine – When compared with heroin that features the shortest half-life, morphine can last between one and seven hours.
  • Fentanyl – This particular opioid is also problematic, and it will stay in your body between three and twelve hours.
  • Oxycodone – Even though it is highly addictive and lots of people abuse it nowadays, you will need up to five hours to cleanse 50% of it from the body. Everything else depends on your level of consumption and other factors we’ve mentioned above.
  • Xanax – You will need approximately ten hours to remove this particular anti-anxiety drug from your system.
  • Valium – The main problem with valium is that it will stay in your body longer than other prescription drugs. You will need at least two days based on the frequency of consumption.