Prom Dresses: Guide To Look Perfect At Your Prom Party


The night of your prom party is one of those memorable days to cherish, of course, you want to look and feel as gorgeous as you should. For this, many elements intervene at the time of getting the perfect look, being the most important to decide is what dress you’re going to wear, because, among so many prom dresses that you see, you do not know what the ideal for you is. That’s why Jovani, a brand specialized in haute couture dresses, has prepared a list of tips to make you look fantastic in this fabulous evening.

Do not leave the prom dress for the last minute

Being the axis of your look, the choice of the dress cannot be something you leave for the last minute. If you do not have a dress in mind, reading specialized magazines, watching the big fashion shows or visiting the stores that Jovani has for you throughout the country can give you an idea of what prom dress style will become the chosen one for the night.

Concerning design, the trends this 2018 are two-piece dresses or open back. The first of them allows you to play and combine with the shapes, fabrics, and colors, because, when divided into two parts, the prom dress can achieve many styles. While the latter, a one-piece dress, is characterized by having a neckline in the part of the back, leaving it naked. This will give a sensual touch to the dress while styling your waist.

On the side of the tones and colors, the ultraviolet has been crowned as the queen and miss of the spring-summer season 2018. But never leave aside the shades in red and black because they are always fashionable and combine perfectly with all the prom dresses.

Perfect shoes

Contrary to how everyone sees them, shoes are more than just shoes. Keep them in mind as an accessory for your look, these have the function of styling your figure, so they play an essential role in your prom party.

When it comes to footwear, the first thing that should come to your mind is the ones you feel most comfortable. Do not look for flashy and ostentatious shoes, remember that with them you must walk all night. If you opt for annoying heels, you will not be able to move around the dance floor to your liking, and your discomfort will be reflected. This discomfort can spoil you one of the best nights of your life so do not take a  risk and choose the shoes that you think are best.

Best accessories

The accessories depend a lot on the style of your prom dress. If your suit is sober and simple, you can give it a distinctive and striking touch when using jewelry to decorate your neck or your hands. But if your dress is already heavily ornamented by the colors or by the rhinestones that it bears, it is best to opt for just an accessory. Keep in mind that to be the queen of the night you do not need to attract attention.

The makeup

Like the dress, makeup can be a bit tedious. We are talking about your prom party, the event in which you will be immortalized by the many photos that will take you, so your only goal is to look perfect. Paint your eyes and lips in a color that matches the dress. But always avoid flashy tones, they will not favor you at all, and you will appear to have many more years. You do not want to make a mistake that adds stress to one of the best nights of your life.

We have presented a guide to make you look perfect in your prom party. If you need another point of view, do not hesitate to visit the stores that Jovani has for you. There you will find qualified staff in trend and fashion that, feeling the prom party like yours, will help you in the best way.