Organising a Hen’s Night: Essential Tips


If you’ve been nominated as the project manager for the hen party, you’ve a lot of things to get organised before the big night out. Planning the party doesn’t have to be that difficult, it is important to give yourself some time to plot the event to ensure everything goes without a hitch. If you’ve never planned a party, try get other wedding guests involved who may be able to offer some help.


Speak to the Bride > The whole event is usually kept a secret, but you can get some input from the bride on the type of party they may like. They may be interested in a hen’s night in Melbourne, or they may be keen on travelling abroad. There several great clubs and restaurants in Melbourne that cater specifically for hen’s parties, so if the bride hints at an event in the city, why not speak to a recognised event and ask about their entertainment packages. Most brides will choose somewhere local because it gives all their guests easy access to the event. Whereas choosing a venue abroad tends to eliminate certain guests who may not have the financial capabilities to venture outside the country.

Evaluate the Budget > You’ll need to know how much you have collected to arrange a party within your budget. The most expensive settings aren’t always the best venues, it all depends on preferences and what works well for some, won’t work well for others. That is why it is important to speak to the bride before booking anything. You should organise a meeting between all the other hen’s and discuss how much you wish to spend on the venue. You should come to an agreement and choose a figure which everyone can pay towards the night.

Avoid Extreme Settings > Unless your best friend is an adrenaline junkie and loves to skydive, it is best to avoid extreme hen parties, booking something like a themed event in a custom designed club would be a much better option. You want the day to run smoothly, so it is advisable to select a venue which everyone can enjoy.

Set Up a Group Chat > Any easy way to liaise with your hen party is to set up a group chat and add everyone involved. This can be done using applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, it’s a convenient way to communicate and share ideas online.

Book a Location & Plan Activities > Make sure to book a hotel in advance to get the right accommodation, once this is done, you can concentrate on planning whatever activities you’d like to do on the day. The whole event could culminate in a big party in a top venue in Melbourne.

Planning your best friend’s hen party doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect if you give yourself enough time to organise the event. Communicate regularly with other hen’s and don’t forget to speak to the bride about her preferences. Set up a group chat and bounce ideas off each other to see what you can come up with.