The idea of buying makeup products and cosmetic tools online without seeing and testing the sample was terrifying and risky a few years ago. Many people are still not comfortable in purchasing makeup products form an online beauty store. However, with the evolution of technology and digitization of the business world hundreds and thousands of beauty brands and manufacturing companies have created an online shop for their brand and products. The major advantage of shopping from an online beauty store is that you can avail and benefit from the weekly discounts and amazing shopping deals and offers. As numerous beauty brands have started doing online business, hundreds and thousands of people now prefer to shop from online beauty shop rather than a brick and mortar cosmetic store.

These online makeup stores have a massive collection of makeup products and tools offered and provided by renowned beauty wholesale distributors, suppliers and traders. Online beauty stores and websites are some of the most and frequently visited sites of the online world. Apart from beauty tools and makeup products, these beauty shops also provide you with accessories, fragrances, jewelry, and other similar items and products.

In a nutshell, online beauty stores are your one-stop shop for purchase of all sorts and types of cosmetic products, accessories and other related products. With that being said, numerous people still prefer offline shopping for accessories, clothing elements, cosmetics and beauty products. Some of a few good and relevant reasons for taking this conventional approach and route of shopping are:

  • They believe that online stores sell and offer fake products.
  • They prefer to try out and test the samples before making any purchase decision.
  • In online shopping you cannot check the expiry date, manufacturing date and other such details of the product, which make them not to trust the product offered and sold on online shops.
  • Complex websites complicate the shopping process for them.
  • Fraudulent sellers and traders also keep them away from online shopping.
  • The absence of sales support and assistance on online platforms keeps them away from online shopping.

These are some of the obvious and significant disadvantages of online beauty and makeup stores. Apart from these disadvantages, numerous reliable and renowned beauty stores offer high-quality makeup products and cosmetic tools. These online stores have associations with some of the biggest names and brands of this beauty industry. These online platforms not only provide you with good quality goods and items but they also ease up your purchase processes by offering you amazing shopping deals, offers, and weekly discounts. Here are a few good and reliable beauty stores:

  • LookFantastic:

It is one of the biggest European online beauty retailers. With more than 14,000 beauty products ranging from makeup products, cosmetic tools, accessories, hair products and much more. This store has associations with beauty brands like Elle; this online beauty store offers all types and sorts of branded and non-branded products and items.

  • Birch Box:

This platform offers you beauty products and tools manufactured by brands and companies like Nails Inc. and Nuxe.


Online makeup shopping has not only made the purchase of beauty products and tools easier and simpler, but it has also made various branded beauty products available for everyone.