Know The Best Scarf Tie That You Can Use Everyday


Scarves are said to be the most versatile clothing accessories that women have. The wide variety of colours, shapes, and fabrics are what make them ideal for any types of occasions.

What makes scarves more interesting is that they can be tied in different styles that really add a touch of elegance and charm to your formal or casual outfit. According to many scarf designers in London, tying your scarf in different styles is a way to express your personality and individuality!

So, if you want to learn different scarf tying styles that you can probably use in your day to day activities, take note of the following:

* European Look style. This kind of scarf tying style creates an aura of sophistication. This style is also called Casual Sleek that works well on casual occasion as well as with your working attire. Scarves that have a floral or printed patterns are perfect for this kind of style.

* Slipknot. Slip knot scarf tying style is perfect to pair with your collared or crewneck shirt. You can wear this kind of knot style in any occasions, day or night. You can use scarves with silk fabric for this style.

* Square Knot. This style is ideally suitable for both casual and professional occasions. Those scarves with cotton, silk or wool fabric are perfect for a square knot style! Use this style and you will be ready to go to the public and walk confidently with a head up high!

* Knotted Belt. Ladies scarves are indeed versatile clothing accessories! You can wear your scarves as a belt to give or add accent to your skirt and if you wear your favourite pants and top.

* Undercoat scarf ties style. This style of scarf tie can complement any of your plain coat to make it look elegant. This type of scarf tie can definitely show that vivacious look to any of your ordinary outfit. When you wear a plain coat while strolling in the park, this is the type of scarf tie that you should use.

* Ponytail. A ponytail scarf tie is not just a style that can give a bubbly look to your hair, this style can also give you an elegant aura whatever outfit you wear. Those along-the-length folded oblong scarf or a square scarf shape are perfect for this tie.

If you want to know more about scarf tie styles, you can always search the Internet.

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