How To Prepare For A Boudoir Photography Shoot

    • Get a Manicure and Pedicure. Neutrals, french tips, reds, hot pinks are timeless.
    • Make sure to get a good wax or shave all parts necessary for a boudoir photo shoot😉 All off or landing strip.. whichever you prefer.
    • Scrub the bottom of your feet as they may show up in some photos.
    • Come with clean and dry hair.
    • Have a photo of how you style your hair and makeup for going out ready to show the stylist as you arrive. This will give her an idea of what you typically do. The rest is a discussion.
    • Make sure you love your hair and makeup BEFORE we start the shoot. Communicate thoroughly with our makeup artist. If there is ANYTHING that you would like changed please let her know before the shoot. We want you to love your look so that you love all your images. We do tend to apply more than usual for the strong studio lights.
    • Come with clean moisturized/sun screened skin. Avoid natural sunscreens that leave a white residue on your skin.
    • Wear loose clothing to prevent bra, panty and denim pant and sock marks on the body.
    • Cut off any tags, including size tags, from your lingerie as much as possible to save time during the shoot.
    • Be sure that you’ve tried on your outfits at home/store and that everything fits well before you arrive for your shoot, including garter belts and thigh highs.
    • You can eat a light breakfast if you wish. We will also provide you with some light snacks.


    • Don’t do anything drastic like lasers and peels before your shoot.
    • Tanning is not an absolute necessity. Tanning beds are good if you use them regularly and know you will not be burnt for your shoot. Spray tanning is also good but please be sure to have a couple of rinses before your shoot and keep the color light on hands, elbows, knees and ankles. Avoid discoloration of the bottom of your feet during spray tanning as much as you can.
    • DO NOT wear any body makeup, any lotions, or perfume the day of your shoot. Skin should be well moisturized the night before.

what to bring

    • One black lacy thong (not G string) and one basic nude thong.
    • One set of black lingerie: A bra, matching thong – or a one piece lingerie, either panty or thong.
    • Black thigh highs (Not stay ups, which is a type of thigh high with a built in gel to make them stay up without garter belts. Stay ups are thick and will not fit into garter belts) Bring a garter belt to match the bra and thong above (optional but looks great) Nordstrom carries nice thigh highs (again no stay ups please).
    • One black pair of sexy heels. Preferably 3-4 inch skinny heel. One nude, neutral or metallic pair of sexy heels.
    • Your favorite lip gloss/lipstick.
    • Anything you want to incorporate in your photos like his necktie, sports jerseys and props, etc. (Optional)
    • Flip Flops for comfort
    • Hair Brush
    • Robe for changing

Curvy Ladies

Choose a piece that is most flattering for your shape. Corsets or bodysuits are great for creating a smaller waistline for curvier figures. Curvier ladies are encouraged to bring at least 4 sets of lingerie to ensure fit.. 2 black pieces, one pop of color such as red, purple, hot pink, or jewel tones, and another from, the following color category: light pink, light blue, light green, blush tones, white, cream, lilac, purple or gray.

More on Wardrobe

You will have access to our carefully selected wardrobe which consists of accents, accessories, fur vests, body chains in both metal and pearl, along with designer lingerie from Agent Provocateur, For Love and Lemons and Bordelle. We will help you select the best pieces for your shape. We carry mostly xs, s, m and a few large pieces. We are working on adding more for our curvy clients as we move forward. All of our lingerie is worn with panty liners and washed between each client. Follow us on Instagram and look for the words “IN MY TRUNK”, indicating our ownership of that piece. IG – Caroline Malouf Photography. We have many more exciting new pieces that we haven’t showcased on Instagram yet.