Get Your Havaianas for summer


Finally, the weather has broken and it is time to get your summer wardrobe started. This year, there are some really cool trends, especially when it comes to footwear. There is plenty of choice for both men and women and flip-flops are definitely going to be popular again this year.

Flip Flops are Comfortable as well as great Looking

They are one of the most practical and comfortable forms of footwear available. If you buy from retailers like you get a fantastic choice. They sell Havaianas, one of the most popular brands of flip-flops available. The famous Brazilian footwear firm, Alpargatas have been making Havaianas since 1962. From the start, they decided to take the simple flip-flop and turn it into a fashion item. Their team of designers work tirelessly to uncover next season’s fashion trends and come up with designs that will look great with the very latest clothes.
All of the signs are they have been extremely successful. Today, their flip flops are sold across the world. A pair is sold somewhere in the world every few seconds. Sales are around 150 million pairs per year.

The main reason flip flops are so popular is that they are extremely comfortable. Your feet are free to move as they want, and of course can breathe.

Flip Flops Can be Worn Practically Anywhere

Most people have several pairs and wear them in many settings. Gone are the days when they were only worn to the beach. Celebrities have been seen wearing them everywhere including for their weddings. Sarah Michelle Gellar started the trend when she wore flip-flops with her wedding dress. Today, people even order them for their weddings so that as the day wears on they have the option of changing out of uncomfortable formal shoes and carry on dancing the night away. Many buy them for their guests to use too.

Clearly, they are not suitable for hiking, but are great for an evening stroll or for going shopping. They are also not suitable for driving, but apart from that flip-flops can be worn more or less anywhere. A lot of people wear them as alternatives to slippers.
They are one of the most compact forms of footwear available, so they are still very popular holiday footwear. Slipping two or three pairs into your case gives you plenty of footwear choice even when on holiday, and they weigh practically nothing.

Choosing Your Flip Flops

However, going out and buying the cheapest pair of flops you can find is not a good idea. Wearing cheap flip-flops can lead to muscle strain, and they will wear out after just a few days wear. It is far better to buy a good quality brand. They will last longer and will be better for your feet and lower legs.

Make sure that you buy the right size flip-flops. Too small and part of your foot will not be supported, too big and there is an increased risk of tripping. It is worth buying several pairs in different colours and designs to give you more flexibility. That way you will always be able to wear this comfortable form of footwear should you want to.