Get the Perfect Fit: When to Alter a Wedding Dress


Wedding dress shopping is often the most exciting part of planning the big day, at least for the bride. This may be something that she has dreamed about since childhood. Wedding dresses, however, are not always a perfect fit when you first buy them. Other than a custom-made dress, alterations are the best way to get a dress to fit comfortably and beautifully. Here are a couple of times when you should consider alterations, instead of continuing to shop around.

Family Heirloom

There are times when wedding dresses are passed down to daughters or granddaughters. These dresses are often one of a kind by the time they reach a later generation. Alterations are the only way to get a customised fit on a dress that may be the wrong size, altogether. You may have a completely different body type or height than your great grandmother, but the dress from her native country may be a dream. An alteration can make it look like it was made just for you.


You may be on a budget when it comes to the wedding items. Many times, you can find a dress on sale from a previous season or at a special bridal event. When this happens, the dress may not be available in all sizes. You can rely on wedding dress alterations in Birmingham to make it your own. If these circumstances apply to you, an alteration can help.

  • Specially priced dress in the wrong size
  • Undesired style detail
  • Store sold out of your size

Wedding dresses need to be fitted well to look their best. Most of them have a form fitting bodice. Some may be passed down or purchased on sale, leaving you with the wrong fit. A great alteration can make the dress fit better and even change the style.