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We all have always wanted and yearned for buying our favorite Yves Saint Laurent because they are super trendy, designer, they are made from the best material and are classy at the same time. We all know that Yves Saint Laurent is known and recognized by its name because it has worked hard in the fashion industry and has set a benchmark for other bags and purses brands. Not only bags and purses, but Yves Saint Laurent also launched and popularized in the fashion industry, the women tuxedo suit, pea coats, safari jackets and brought with it the trendy and shocking clothing line where sheer and see through fabrics were used.

YSL helps you stand out of the crowd

Yves Saint Laurent was started by Saint Laurent, a French Fashion Desinger and Pierre Bergé in 1961. Yves Saint Laurent not only manufactures bags and purses but has also put a step forward in makeup, fragrances and parfums, skin care products, gifts, men’s outerwear, women’s rings, etc.

Saint Laurent became instantly popular and gained mass acceptance and reputation because it broke the so called rules present in the fashion industry and made way for fresh thinking and new ideas. Also, that 1960s and 1970s were the decades where fashion was changing very fast and was also evolving at the same time. It was the time when people started focusing on their personal lives and tried to bring a revolution and they thought that the revolution can be best brought by thinking, accepting and implementing new and creative ideas. Fashion in those decades became a mode of bringing the required revolution and helped in breaking the stereotypes and prejudices and helped in making way for a new, scientific and a modern thinking.

During its initiation period, Yves Saint Laurent was only manufacturing bags which turned into a symbol of a class, elegance and sophistication. The fashion house’s haute couture was known for making news and breaking existing fashion rules and celebration of youth.

Giving credit to the brand’s popularity and reputation, the cost of the products was somewhat difficult to accept because not every person can afford to buy a Saint Laurent product. Muse, which is one of the best bag line of the company is the most exotic and pricey one because it can actually cost someone $20,000 to buy a designer bag and the brand’s bags are always in demand that’s the company never offers discounts and special sales.

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