Bio Lab Exotique saved my skin!



4F8B71BB 43D3 4EB9 A5E1 0DC0BB3B5304 3 1Ok, so that’s a rather dramatic title, I realize, but this is the passion I feel for anything that helps me combat dry skin. As I mentioned before, I have slight eczema and therefore, will always naturally have dry skin. If I don’t use good hydrating products, forget about patches of dry skin around the elbows, we’re talking dry, white, scaly skin on the face. Not ok.

So every winter I go on a quest for a good solution to combat winter dryness. My bar is pretty high. You’d think that given my starting point is so bad (dry, scaly skin) that I’d be satisfied with achieving normal, semi-hydrated skin. Nope. Even in the winter months, I want dewy, extremely well-hydrated skin. The reason has less to do with wanting to look radiant but more to do with not wanting to have sagging features for as long as possible. You see, the problem is that lack of hydration leads to massive collagen breakdown and then sagging is accelerated. So that’s the main reason I try to keep well hydrated.

Read that again- skin that is not well hydrating results in collagen break down- hence premature ageing.  I am a big believer in green clean beauty, so using mainstream hydrating creams for me is a no go. Iv been hearing about a SUPER organic brand Bio Lab Exotique for some time now, at the moment only available through a celebrity dentist Dr Nicholas Toscano who is the one that is responsible for every smile in Victoria Secrets and is based on the glam 5th avenue in NYC.

The packaging of Bio Lab Exotique is really really high end, all-black craft paper with gold letters. Press samples have a wax seal on top with a word ‘bio’

I chose their YOUTH potion that promises visible results within 48 h. Its full of antioxidants and collagen-boosting properties and its only ingredients are cold-pressed argan and avocado oils, mixed in a high tech lab to ensure precise percentages for the best results. The potion can be used for hair and body as well, and it makes an AMAZING natural make up remover. Retailing for just 40 dollars, this is one product I now can’t live without.