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Bryan Jesse
My name is Bryan Jesse. I'm a fashion blogger from London, England. I own this website where I post my fashion blogs and review the latest fashion trends.

Facial Benefits: Why You Should Try Facial Once A Month

In this article I am gonna tell you about the facial benefits but first, let me tell you that the number one reason why...

Sunglasses: Plastic Versus Glass Lenses

When choosing a pair of sunglasses, there are many different things to consider. Depending on what you are valuing for yourself or what type...

What to Look for in Your First Tattoo Shop

You've finally mustered the courage to get a tattoo, but you have no idea where to go to have it done. Many people run...

Skincare Ingredients 101: Actives Vs. Inactives

This infographic was created by SeSpring, a manufacturer of a gentle gel cleanser

The Bumble and bumble Hair Care Guide for Beginners

Bumble and bumble brand has a lot of hair care products: shampoos, conditioners, masks, hair primers, and other styling treatments. It is hard to...

Why The Choice of Sunglasses Will Determine The Entire Looks You Have?

The right choice of sunglasses during the summer can make a tremendous difference in your style. There are probably over a thousand brands to...

Tips for Getting a Lash Lift

Getting a lash lift sounds like a great idea, and a lot of people actually want to do one after seeing the results online...

Dip Powder vs Gel Nails – What are the Differences?

Most women have been using gel nails for quite some time now. However, a new trend is emerging in the form of dip powder...

Jeans and Leggings Pair That Are Absolutely Famous In Teen Girls

All the Teen especially girls always buy a pair of jeans when doing their shopping. Jeans and leggings both go very well with all...

5 Most Flattering Wrap Dresses for Parties and Beyond

A girl’s wardrobe should be consisting of solid and practical staples. If you are a girl who likes flowy, feminine, and practical outfits, then...


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