After Sale Servicing Of Aquaguard That Everyone Should Remember

water purifier

Buying a water purifier is not enough anymore. To ensure that you get clean, safe and chemically treated water without any contaminants in it, the right maintenance is needed. And how does that happen? Well, buying a water filter should definitely follow after sales services from the company. All the renowned water purifier manufacturer and seller have their own process of after sales servicing. While some include free visit of servicemen for up to three years, others provide the internal devices free of cost for the first three or four visits.

No matter what the added benefits are, servicing is an inseparable step of maintaining water purifiers to retain their longer lives. Plus, if users are having any queries and doubts regarding the function and processes of their water filters, after sale services are responsible to answer those.  

Efficient after-sales Aquaguard services should be available for product servicing, get maintenance services, or provide AMC benefits.

How to register for water purifier servicing?

Getting a perfectly place service request is a hassle. Not because you cannot connect to the service person instantly, but also because there are problems faced by customers when they come to register a service request. To make it easy, water purifier manufacturers have come with benefits like smartphone application, toll free helpline numbers, and direct emailing with an attached form to be filled by the customer ststing their water purifier issues.

On the go service request is made easy with the smartphone applications. Helpline numbers are available 24*7 just to make sure customers can connect instantly.

Annual maintenance contract (AMC)

An annual maintenance contract is another thing that customers should be careful about while considering after sale services of a water purifier.  AMC is a smart way to help your water purifier live longer. AMC is usually subjected to renewal before the date of expiry. The rate of the annual maintenance contract varies depending on water purifier models, electrical parts like pump, adaptor, and UV lamp and mechanical parts that need to be repaired and replaced.

Availability of Spare Parts

Spare parts are another important factor for water purifiers. When you are planning to buy a water purifier, make sure the company you have chosen, is available with spare parts so that you do not have to buy those from the local stores. Instead, one can place a servicing request and the technician will provide the necessary equipments.  Whatever the case may be, the equipments should be available easily.

Technician visit

Do the technicians charge for servicing? Is everything free for the first time servicing? Consider these while checking the after sales services of your water purifier. Ask for technician charges beforehand. Companies often provide labour charges in their website- go through that to avoid confusions.

Servicing of water purifier is necessary to function properly without any glitches. There can be leakages, or the mesh membrane may rip, you will get that by the colour and change. There is no fixed time to ask for maintenance. But if you feel anything abnormal in your drinking water, contact the service person immediately.